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Let's meet at Porpoise Bay and paddle!

We are the team called Sunshine Dragons Abreast.  We were formed in 2005 and are members of the Sunshine Coast Dragon Boat Club (SCDBC) an organization with four teams (breast cancer, women's competitive, mixed competitive and recreational) and currently over one hundred members.

We are women who have survived and/or living with breast cancer.  Our ages range from 40 to 70+.  Twice a week, March through September, we venture out in Porpoise Bay, surrounded by spectacular scenery, and paddle our Dragon Boat.  There can be up to 20 paddlers in a dragon boat, a steersperson and a coach/shout.

As well as paddling in Porpoise Bay, we do a little racing.  In May our team races in the False Creek Women's Regatta and in July at the Nanaimo Dragon Boat Festival.  In June, SCDBC is hosting the annual MacKenzie Dragon Boat Challenge, a fun intra-club competition in Porpoise Bay. And then the Final Fling Festival, an inter-club fun regatta with teams from SCDBC, Pender Harbour Paddlers and Paddling for Life (Powell River).

In June 2010 our team travelled to Peterborough, Ontario, one of 73 breast cancer teams from around the world participating in the International Dragon Boat Festival 2010.  Under the auspices of the International Breast Cancer Paddling Commission this event is held every three years.  In 2007 we competed in Queensland, Australia (Abreast in Australia) and in 2005 at the Tenth Anniversary Celebrations in Vancouver.  In October 2014, Sarasota, Florida will be hosting this event.

We do FUNdraising for regatta entry fees, uniforms, some team travel expenses and boat safety gear.  In 2011 we raised funds for the St. Mary's Hospital Foundation (Chemotherapy room) hosting a Hospital Hoe Down Dance, then a Fashion Show in October (Breast Cancer Awareness month), contributing funds to our local Hospice.

Sometimes we talk about our experiences with breast cancer and support each other.  We talk to others about breast cancer too.  We walk/run in the CIBC Run for the Cure.  We encourage women to have mammograms.  And we have fun!

To join our team you do not need to have experience paddling.  Many of us had never paddled before nor been a part of any kind of team sports.  Some of us are even non-swimmers.  But here we are, out on the water, still learning, still laughing and having the time of our lives!

If you would like more information and/or would consider joining us, please contact us.

Paddles Up!